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RoBBing Mind 2 - If there is a will to fight there is a way to win!
If you will allow me this brief explanation, I have made a conscious decision to make this volume like nothing you have ever read. This may be a detriment to the message I am trying to relate, even the potential popularity but I think it is important and here is why:    
Cancer The Disruptor
Proposed cover for Robbing Mind 2This disease, by its very nature damages by change, unwanted change in cells and should it take hold – more often than not it does just that- it disrupts at every level of the patient’s life and there is very little one can do to prepare or defend against its onslaught. Not in a traditional sense. I think the very disruption is an opportunity to discover something wonderful within ourselves. I will explain as we continue our journey. But as an illustration of brain cancer’s impact on our lives, the flow and continuity of parts of this work will be disrupted just as we are experiencing disease, treatment and recovery. I will try and execute this in a way that will not detract from your enjoyment or comprehension of Robbing Mind 2, The Recovery, but it has been such a big part of everything I don’t see how I can avoid it. So let’s rock. As Richard Pryor used to say (I’ll paraphrase,) I hope I’m readable. 

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A Day United

Chuck-ThomA day United. When things change, especially dramatically, the things that are constant become that much more important.
For the past seven years I have had the pleasure (a huge pleasure) to be associated with Rubber City Radio Group, which is WAKR, WONE, WQMX radio stations in Akron. These stations and the people who perform them are solidly focused on serving this wonderful community. I am not blowing smoke here, there is ample proof that, under the leadership of Thom Mandel (His Selfie with me), Nick Anthony and Mark Biviano, these stations are serious about helping others. As well as entertaining and informing.

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RobbingMindSecondEditionThere is a tradition of renewal as spring arrives. Traditions, both religious and secular celebrate the chance to hit a restart of one form or another. On Monday I will have some more remodelling done just inside the skull. The virtual scalpel (no less real) is composed of highly energized radiation. The procedure is called Gamma Knife Surgery. There are not many opinions left on table. But I like my odds.  One note for today. We have opportunities to be kind, helpful, remain in the background or being jerks. Like every day it is a choice. Make it good.            

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That Place That Comforts

There is a place in our days where things are calmly settled.
GBM is a fickle giver. It has forced me to use time differently, perhaps even independently. Don’t dare call it “Free Time.” There is nothing on earth that is more priceless. I believe we have an allotted amount, no one knows how much, and when it’s gone, it’s gone.
Hi everyone! I'm new to this group and hope to learn new things as well as share my experiences. My 3 yo son, T.J., was diagnosed with a Craniopharyngioma last May. He's had 3 brain surgeries, an eye surgery, Proton Therapy, and last week he had dental surgery. He couldn't care less about being sick, he is the bravest little boy ever and lives life to the fullest!A year ago my days were fairly structured and devoted to a group effort to inform, entertain and improve our community. I used skills honed over several decades of focused practice and work. Now that instrument (my voice) has been weakened. I just don’t sound like the professional I was before GBM entered my life (my brain).

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proceeds from the sale of this publication will always go toward aiding their efforts. *The Author will outline how these donations will be distributed, but RoBBing Mind is not a charitable entity. $6 of $10 in royalties will be given to select groups that aid families and patients of brain tumor, stroke and traumatic brain injury. Some maybe formally organized as 501(c-3) but RoBBing Mind has not as yet formed such a legal designation, but we have and will help those with such tax deductable status. As well as others formed by caring family and friends.


However, since we have no accounting practices that can support individual purchases’ taxable status while we appreciate your help and we will keep our promise, and shall update you at RoBBingMind.com Although we do not claim that buying this volume is tantamount to a charitable contribution. In the following pages you will read about some extraordinary people who have committed a good deal of time, energy to advance the cause of treatment and continue to pursue a cure. And we encourage you to aid them when and if you can.

Monika and I could qualify as "Family of those dealing with the challenges of brain tumors, stroke and trauma." But we have been fortunate and while we can we want to help others and we encourage you to do the same.   

Mission 4 Maureen

Mision 4 Maureen helps families of those suffering from brain cancer; stroke or tumor. click here for more information

Mission 4 MaureenMission4Maureen provides financial assistance to families who are burdened by the staggering cost of brain cancer treatment.
“No one can do everything, but everyone can do something.” This is their guiding principle. Rarely can one individual solve the problems of another, but with small efforts on the part of many others, much good can be done.


Our Charities - Fighting for Yan

Fighting for Yan is a remarkable effort by regular folks and some in rhe musi business helps families of those suffering from brain cancer; stroke or tumor. click here or on Yan's image for more information


Blast GBM Fundraiser

Dr. Joe Blanda:

blast GBM Event "BLAST GLIOBLASTOMA is a non-profit organization seeking to raise money for brain tumor research. By helping people understand the urgent need for funding of promising new treatments, we hope to contribute to the medical community's immediate goal: extending the lives of those afflicted by brain tumors as well as improving their current quality of life."


Click Here for more information and to register!

Our Charities -

Wounded Warrior Project

Founded in 2003, WWP raises awareness
and enlists the public’s aid for the
needs of injured service members, helps
injured service members aid and assist
each other, and provides unique, direct
programs and services to meet
their needs. click on image for more information



Reviews are pouring in!

An upbeat and inspiring book written by a stage 4 brain tumor survivor!
By MikiHope on February 26, 2014
What an upbeat and inspiring book written by a stage 4 brain tumor survivor! I highly recommend that everyone read this book. This book was written as it was happening and gives the human touch to a medical horror. Chuck Collins recounts his past and the mistakes he made which by his strength of character he was able to overcome. Family is very important to him and we learn a bit about each of them. His attitude of "I'm going to beat this" even when fear threatened to overwhelm him (which is totally understandable) is phenomenal. If ever the power of positive thinking is questioned then this book should be handed to that person pronto. Chuck Collins is lucky that he has some of the best doctors in the field and a very supportive wife, extended family and friends as this is also very necessary to the healing process. He also tells of others who weren't quite as lucky as he is. It is the last paragraph in this short very true biography written by the author which will stay with me always. He adds it as a personal note.

"You will wake up some mornings in a fog of doubt. You will feel more and more irrelevant and wonder why fight one more day? When that happens, please remember this, even before you became ill, all you had was one day. But this day is special and it will not be complete until you add your spirit to it. Eat, move around, see the spark of life, of the divine in the smallest things, do what you can and this day will reward you with another just like it, only better! Chuck Collins"

Oh What a Night! - Gospel Meets Symphony

The Eye-Opener! Last Friday evening I attended a rehearsal for Gospel Meets Symphony. It is the 20th anniversary and the program is stellar! I have had a small role since 2007 in that I host the opening announcements and deliver a short monologue just as the second half begins. When it was time to step out on stage, I had been standing back stage. To my surprise that standing was enough to lock up my left hip and knee. Trying to get to the stage was more than an ordeal. It took two stagehands and I looked very much like a man with severe brain damage or cerebral palsy. I have to admit it scared the crap out of me. Saturday February 15th the show was live and I entered the stage on my own two feet, remain vertical and remembered my lines. It was a great night!   

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